Create a mascot for your brand
  with Creads

Creads combines the expertise of a communication agency with the creativity
  thousands of designers to achieve your design objectives Your mascot creation

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  • 1 Prepare your creative brief with our team.

    A project manager will advise you on the appropriate area choices for your visual communication objectives to be met.

  • 2 Receive dozens of custom mascot designs to choose from.

    Enjoy the creative wealth of our professional designer community.

  • 3 Choose the best creation.

    We monitor the alterations and variations on the chosen mascot.

Progress of your mascot creation project

The preparation of the brief is essential to designing a mascot. It will help determine its graphics, character style and the universe in which it operates. The brief is needed to help fuel the creative thinking of the designers tackling your project. To complete this crucial step, our team will help you write the brief.

Once your creative brief is validated by our artistic director, our team will send the brief to the thousands of our freelance graphic designers and professional designers. As a result, you will receive dozens of mascot concepts.
 At your request, we can alternatively only offer your project to a selection of the best designers of the Creads community to work on your project privately.

  • 7 years of existence
  • 4 000+ Clients
  • 50 000+ Designers registered
  • 300 000+ Creations designed

Project finalisation

The Creads project team agency assists you to ensure you make the best choice. The Mascot that you will have designed can vary with many different attributes, positions, context, to provide a complete and suitable image for any task it is used for.

Some examples of the mascots we have created.