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At the beginning

Back to 2008

Take two young students passionate about innovation and the web world: add THE good idea, a few grams of creativity and a pinch of audacity. Julien Mechin and Ronan Pelloux are the two visionary founders of Creads. Their goal is to turn creativity purchase into something as simple as an online purchase. More than a creative agency, it is a revolution. That of the unlimited creativity and within reach of all.


everything started?

Julien Mechin and Ronan Pelloux have always been motivated by the entrepreneurial fiber. That is why they ended up with the same conclusions when sitting on the benches of the ESCP Business School. They didn't imagine becoming the pioneers of a true disruption in the world of visual and graphical creation. At the time, the unlimited creative richness of the internet users was disseminated, but mostly little valued. From then on, a decisive question was asked to the two founders of Creads: how to capture, channel and bring to the attention of as many people this creative boiling coming from the internet? How to create value by using efficiently this creativity and offer it to the brands? The two founders invented then an innovative website to centralize, organize and propose this creativity to the companies.


the network of all creatives

CREADS distinguishes itself by developing the first professional social network for creatives. Creads' mission is to satisfy all brands looking for creativity while giving the opportunity for the creatives to choose the projects on which they want to work. Using the notion of social network, CREADS puts shared interests and the community life at the heart of its activity in order to become a virtual agency on which the registered members can talk, share, progress and meet. |r

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