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20 Apr 2015 16:56

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22 Apr 2015 16:56

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28 May 2015 16:56


Hello everyone,

We ask you today for a unique project at Creads: imagine a concept of the bank of the future!
These boards should deliver trends (see examples as an attachment) of universe of references, furniture, lighting, materials, technology, reflecting the mood and the universe that you should underline in your concept.
All accompanied by a description of your project: what kind of approach, what kind of distribution of space between different services that we find in your concept, which mode of reception and so on…
A vision that overcomes the codes of the current bank, and proposes a new vision of a "experienced" bank is desired, either in terms of circulation, distribution of spaces, reception patterns, self-service tools available to clients
(importance for digital )and so on…
However your concept will be, it should become a place where you would like to stay (the importance of home and waiting) and especially return back.
The concept should be lean on two approaches:
• "Traditional": agency
• Ephemeral or mobile: how the concept fits, for example like a pop-up store that would settle for a few days

The project should not speak strictly architectural, we would like to have a comprehensive approach in terms of usage and aesthetics, not too technical.
Pure creativity and quality of your explanations are your most important weapons in this project!

Lots of luck and creativity!

Donation :
1st place: 3000 €
2nd place: 1500 €
3rd place: 500 €
4th place: 300 €
5th place: 200 €

For this project, the winners will be chosen by the advertiser only (no community ranking).


Stratégie de marque



Modern bank leading, based on cooperative and mutual values, which offers its customers services online and offline.
His DNA also includes the following values: human solidarity, local presence.
It acts responsibly in the territories: all deposits are reinvested locally to contribute directly to the economic development of the region and the community.


Throughout the country, urban and rural areas.


Today, customers are moving away from current banks because they are disappointed by the offered services, the lack of listening and the inability of advisors to offer them personalized recommendations.

The bank of tomorrow should be therefore:

• a better quality of service
• a better customer experience
• a home-made, a frictionless process
• better listening skills for the customer needs
• a digital customer service relationship.

Direction créative

The bank of tomorrow is...

• honest relationship: who can give me free time
• nearby: who comes to me as much as I like to go to it
• financial coaching: that helps me to understand and secure my future
• entrepreneurship: helps me develop my environment
• space: that animates my social communities, cultural, solidarity and associative
• to promote talents : to develop their own skills


Your concept should be able to fit into a space between 100 and 150 m2 (average area network).
The venue will provide spaces conducive to confidentiality with the client, and other areas, more collaborative.
The space LSB (self-service banking) is not mandatory. However, if you decide to incorporate, it should be made clear where he it should be in the agency and their specific tasks.


Attention to the confidentiality: Make sure to use an open space with the possibility for privacy and to give the client a good feeling of confidentiality. There are many ways to pass by the portioning of a space while including privative areas.

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12/05/2015 17:18

Hello everyone,

The moodboard you can find in the attachment is only an example, you can of course offer other elements (sketches, rough plan, ...) as you wish.
To align your board to the color of the bank, the latest logo is attached too.

Good luck :-)